About me

Josi GeyerHello! My name is Josi Geyer.

Welcome to my website. As a dancer and director, I always tried to stay in shape in the healthy way! I have a beautiful family and after having my last baby, it was a little harder to get back in to shape and getting the energy level back. I became very interested in detox and diets, but most importantly, I wanted to stay healthy and strong so that not only I looked great, but I felt great too.

There are many different types of detox: some as simple as lemon and water with a few different twists, the green and veggies smoothies and others…but red smoothies really got my attention for a few different reasons, especially the Red Smoothie Detox Factor. It comes with more then just recipes that are focused on the right thing…it really has great valuable and much needed information for the world to know about health today. I really felt like creating this website and give as much feed back that I can about the importance of Detox used as diet and especially the Red Smoothie Detox Factor which you will see why!

So please check out this page and enjoy the helpful articles and videos! They are here to help you further understand the importance of a healthy life, not just dieting.

I strongly suggest that if you are looking for detox and diet (cleansing with weight loss) AND want to feel great, that  you explore this site:)

More health to you today,

Josi Geyer

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