Health is Mind, Body and Soul

mind body and soul
mind body and soul

As most of us know, detox and eating well is just on aspect of being healthy. For total health we must to take care of our Mind or Soul and our Spirit!

From personal experience I know that the renewal of my Spirit and Mind, saved my life. So this healthy side of it, is as or more important even. I would like to share in this post some of the very important things one should do to stay healthy as a total. We are made as Mind, body and soul and not just body. This is extremely important and the world should be aware of it. Joy will prevail when we all do this.

I have made a special list in this video and mentioned some great researches links below! They work and this is just a few of so many great total health habits:

Being close to nature

Eating well

Sleeping well


Doing what you love

Finding God

Forgive and starting new beginnings

Smile and being  thankful….to name a few things!


We can go on and on with researches and more importantly….many testimonials of real lives that were turned around once becoming  MORE healthy in body but ALSO IN having spirituality.

Watch this video and check out some great articles and informational links below. Enjoy Life Today. Be Happier Now!

Total Health Video - Mind Body and Soul
Total Health Video - Mind Body and Soul

Health means mind, body and soul! Enjoy this video and live better today.

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